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Complete Project Operations

Wellons is uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of your electrical generation project. With more than 50 years experience in steam generation systems, we engineer and manufacture a full line of proprietary equipment to burn biomass fuels for the forest products industry. Wellons projects have been completed internationally and include hundreds of successful steam generation systems and involvement in more than 30 cogeneration facilities. Our experience ranges from providing equipment only to total project responsibility.

Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower.

Total Systems

Wellons offers complete engineering and management of your project, from feasibility analysis through start-up. We can handle the entire project, including fuel conveying and storage system; boiler and combustion system; electrical generation system, building enclosures, controls and instrumentation; electrical switchyard and process steam system.


We are well known for complete manufacturing capability, designing and fabricating the boilers, furnaces, conveyors, storage bins, piping assemblies, buildings, and auxiliaries for our steam generating systems and lumber drying systems. We also build the sophisticated electrical, computer, and pneumatic control panels to operate these systems, as well as the turbine and generator control panels necessary for electrical generation systems.


Whether the equipment is new or used, Wellons performs all system engineering required -- from application, through design, specification and procurement -- forming the entire power generating project. We have an experienced, seasoned, power engineering, design and technical services team. All work is performed in accordance with national and local standards under the direction of qualified managers and registered professional engineers. Wellons staff performs all facets of the required engineering: Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Civil, and Environmental.

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The Boiler

Our modular boiler is engineered for factory pre-assembly of major components to reduce installation time. The design is specifically tailored for compatibility with the Wellons cell furnace, assuring optimum system performance.

Our field-erected boilers, designed to be fired by the Wellons cell furnace system provide the greater steam flow, higher pressure, and the higher temperatures needed for power plants.

Wellons' approach to lower emission levels starts with preventative measures taken at the furnace where formation of gaseous pollutants begins. Through efficient combustion design and precise control of air and fuel in each cell, gaseous emissions and particulates are kept at minimum levels. Secondary pollution control devices are often unnecessary. Learn More »


The Turbine-Generator

Wellons selects the size and type of turbine-generator according to stringent specifications. We are experienced with small backpressure turbines and larger condensing turbines as well as the condensing-extraction units typical of cogeneration systems.

When appropriate. Wellons will locate and procure used turbine-generator equipment suitable for the project. Our service includes removal and storage, technical direction, and complete repair and reconditioning, as well as electrical and mechanical inspection and testing.

Used turbine-generator equipment is totally dissassembled, inspected in accordance with Wellons' high standards, repaired as needed, aligned, reassembled, and then thoroughly tested.


Furnace Cells

The Wellons cell furnace system's unique firing process not only maximizes efficiency through complete combustion and precise air control, but also provides positive benefits to the elimination of pollutants such as particulate, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Wood gasification occurs on water-cooled grates where most non-combustibles are collected for convenient access and easy removal; both stationary and Wellons patented, automatic ash discharge rotary grates are available.

The Wellons cell is used in multiples, creating a zoned furnace system in large boiler applications. Precise control of each cell in the system allows direct control of the combustion process.


The Switchgear

Wellons designs and installs all necessary electrical switchyard equipment for interconnection with the local utility. This vital link is another example of Wellons' commitment to eliminating potential incompatibilities by offering a complete turnkey operation.


Fuel Storage & Handling

The Wellons storage bin is an important element in making our systems truly automatic. It is unsurpassed in fuel handling. Unique in the industry, the Wellons agitator saws its way around the periphery of the cone, feeding the loosened material down to the feedout augers below. The silo section is designed with a negative slope so that fuel materials do not hang up on the side walls. All mechanical conveying equipment is simple and effective, keeping power consumption at the lowest possible levels. Learn More »

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