Comprehensive Support

The Wellons Customer Service Group can provide replacement parts, maintenance and repair services, modifications and upgrades as well as training programs with the expertise to completely meet your service needs.

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For spare parts orders, training, or other maintenance needs, contact the Wellons Customer Service Group at:

1 (800) WELLONS
1 (800) 935-5667

(360) 750-3400


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Technical Support

Wellons Customer Service team can assist with technical questions, troubleshoot operational problems, help identify necessary replacement parts, arrange for instrumentation calibrations and system tune-ups, evaluate possible upgrades, and provide support for equipment repairs during both scheduled and emergency outages. Our service team are experts in helping provide the services our customers need to keep their equipment properly operating.

System Calibration

The accurate performance of system flowmeters, pressure and temperature transmitters, damper actuators, thermocouples and RTDs is critical to the proper and efficient performance of your equipment. Periodic certifications are often a requirement for emissions monitoring, lumber exporting , “across the fence” steam supply contracts, and other performance regulations. Our Field Service personnel can provide instrumentation calibrations services to ensure that your equipment controls are receiving and display accurate performance data.

On-line Help Services

Wellons technical personnel can assist with troubleshooting operational issues using various on-line tools such as modem connections and internet application software to perform real time performance assessments of your system, and help troubleshoot operational issues. Technical specialists can also perform remote control system tuning adjustments, perform system diagnostic checks and download available control system upgrades.

Outage Services

Our Customer Service team and experienced Field Service personnel can provide on-site technical support for your planned and unplanned equipment outages, offering a broad range of services from outage planning support, reviewing past inspection records for outage recommendations, replacement parts recommendations, equipment inspections, instrumentation calibration checks, technical direction for your plant maintenance personnel during the outage, and maintenance craftsmen services for complete outage support.

System Tuning

Wellons representatives can provide on-site equipment inspections and evaluations to assess the specific needs of our customers and equipment. Service such as establishing proper combustion system air and fuel adjustments, electrostatic precipitator voltage and rapper control adjustments, and assistance with lumber drying schedules are just some of the many system tuning services that can help your equipment operate efficiently and at optimum production.

Site Evaluations

Wellons Field Service technicians can provide on-site evaluations for your system. Whether as part of an organized routine maintenance program, preparation for compliance testing, an energy efficiency evaluation, a review for possible upgrades, planning for an upcoming scheduled outage, or in response to an equipment malfunction, these services can help keep your Wellons system operating at peak performance, and identify spare parts and maintenance needs before they are an emergency.

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