Parts - Sales & Support

Wellons Parts Specialists can help you identify and order replacement parts, and make recommendations for critical spare parts and quick wearing parts for your inventory. Using Wellons Parts Specialists for your parts needs assures that you are getting the correct part for your equipment.

When applicable, we can recommend parts and systems upgrades to keep your Wellons equipment in good condition. We can coordinate replacement parts with scheduled service visits from our Field Service specialists for outage services, instrumentation calibration, and system tuning.

Parts - Upgrades

Wellons is continually upgrading its systems and designs. Whether computerized control system upgrades, modifications for increased reliability, identifying proper parts for replacement of obsolete components, or utilizing new, state of the art instrumentation, our Customer Service Group works directly with Wellons Engineering Department and component suppliers to support your Wellons equipment parts needs. Our parts specialists will identify any applicable parts or system upgrades and make recommendations and proposals for your evaluation.


For spare parts orders, training, or other maintenance needs, contact the Wellons Customer Service Group at:

1 (800) WELLONS
1 (800) 935-5667

(360) 750-3400


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