Kiln & Lumber Drying Services


Lumber dry kiln operators can optimize the drying process using the TRUMARK Moisture Meter System in conjunction with the kiln’s computerized controls. Wellons service personnel can assist with the calibration of your TRUMARK system and work with kiln operating personnel to optimize the performance of moisture metering in the kiln.

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Today’s computerized kiln controls provide the kiln operator with data that can be used to develop optimum drying schedules to reduce drying times while maximizing grade. A Wellons specialist can assist the kiln operator with drying schedule development and optimization, both on-site and using on-line tools.


Efficient lumber drying is more than just the drying schedule. The adequacy of the steam supply and condensate return systems, proper stickering, stacking and dry end and green end handling all can impact drying performance. A Wellons technician can assist your lumber dry kiln operators in a review of the entire drying process.

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